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Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Whether you’re looking for a venue for a meeting, a weekend as a reward for your team’s hard work, a conference, a wedding reception or a confidential summit, The Grand Hotel is the perfect choice. We offer numerous options, from an intimate meeting room to a magnificent auditorium accommodating up to 170 participants.

Guests enjoy luxury accommodation, the highest standards of food and wine and, of course, the legendary Grand service. You can round off your conference or seminar with a festive dinner and winetasting, with a tour of our famous wine cellar.

We guarantee privacy and confidentiality – with no distractions other than lunch and coffee breaks.

You are welcome to contact us to find out how we can help make your event a resounding success.

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Sten Broman Room

Sten Broman (1902-1983) was a much-loved personality in Lund, where he had intimate links with The Grand Hotel. He was a man of many talents – composer, music critic and television presenter – and we at The Grand have honoured him with his own room.

The room can be furnished exactly to your needs, whether those involve a lecture for a large audience, a seated meal or more informal mingling.

This venue faces out onto the lovely Bantorget Square, just a stone’s throw from the railway station, and includes a large balcony that is the perfect place for enjoying a well-earned apéritif.

The Sten Broman Room can be opened up and combined with the Ballroom as well as the Green Room.

Theatre sitting: 80 seats
Classroom sitting: 46 seats
U-tabled: 30 seats
Islands: 40 people
Nobel: 90 seats
Mingle: 100 people
Floor area: 78 m2
Equipment: 1x 2m screen, biocentric lights from BrainLit, sound system from Bose, cordless microphones, whiteboard and projector 


The Mirror Room

This room is elegantly furnished with beautifully comfortable chairs and sofas, covered in a deep, ocean blue fabric. 

The Mirror Room is the perfect choice of venue for meetings and discussions, and also for breaks for refreshments. Conveniently located beside the Ballroom and the Sten Broman Room.

Café sitting: 44 seats
Boardroom sitting: 20 seats
Nobel: 70 seats
Mingle: 90 people
Floor area: 72 m2 
Equipment: whiteboard and projector 


Lukas Room

The Lukas Artists’ Guild is the inspiration behind this room. Lund’s guild members have their meetings at The Grand and have given their name to this conference venue.

Although history is well embedded in the walls of the Lukas Room, the facilities are equipped for the most modern of conferences. We furnish the room according to your requirements, whether these involve a lecture for a large group, informal mingling or an event with seating at tables.

The Lukas Room can easily be combined with, and opened up to, the more intimate Lukas Salong.


Theatre sitting: 70 seats 
Boardroom sitting: 20 places
Classroom sitting: 40 seats
U-tabled: 24 seats
Floor area: 90 m2 

Equipment: whiteboard, flipchart, projector, lighting system from BrainLit, sound system from Bose and  cordless microphone.


Lukas Foyer

This is a comfortable room, perfect for board meetings, smaller meetings or private discussions. It is also the ideal room for coffee breaks from meetings taking place in other Grand venues. Being adjacent to the Lukas Room makes is convenient for a combination of rooms when more space is required.

Theatre seating: 24 seats
Boardroom seating: 16 seats
Mingle: 50 people
Floor area: 69 m2 
Equipment: Whiteboard and projector


Jensen Carlén Room

Carl Henrik Jensen-Carlén, a famous Swedish caricaturist, painter and advertising professional, born in Lund in 1888, is the inspiration behind this room. He was known under the signature "CC" and also as Jönsson-Smith. Some of his art paid his bills here at The Grand and some of the best is displayed in this room.

The room is full of natural light and it has a spacious table perfect for board, management or staff meetings. It’s also ideal for small workshops. Jensen Carlén can also be combined with other rooms and used for coffee breaks.

Boardroom seating: 16 places
Floor area: 35 m2
Equipment: Whiteboard, LCD TV, ClickShare 


Sam Ask Room

Sam Ask (1878-1937) belonged to an academic Lund family. He participated in the legendary carnivals and student events and became well known for his story telling hence, this conference room is named after him.

This corner room, full of natural light, is ideal for hosting formal, round-table meetings as well as the more informal kind. This room comes with a TV and projector along with everything else you require to make your meeting a success. The refreshment corner is located right outside the room.

Boardroom seating: 10 places
Floor area: 25 m2
Equipment: Whiteboard, LCD TV, ClickShare, flipchart 


Falstaff Fakir Room

Falstaff, Fakir was a pseudonym for the journalist and author Axel Wallengren (1865-1896) who was famous for his striking contemporary humour.

This room, named after him, is suitable for smaller groups and meetings, with all the modern conference facilities.

Boardroom seating: 8 places
Floor area: 25 m2
Equipment: Whiteboard, LCD TV, ClickShare, BrainLit, flipchart


The Piraten Foyer

The Piraten Foyer is furnished in style, with individual lounge chairs, a bar, a stage with the hotel’s magnificent grand piano and accompanied with several bar tables. The foyer has a high ceiling and an inviting view of Bantorget's fountains. This venue is perfect for mingle events, exhibitions and informal parties, with capacity for 200 guests to mingle. Upon request, we can also furnish the space for 100 sitting guests.

Floor area: 158 square meters

Equipment: Sound system from Bose, cordless microphones, whiteboard and flipchart.


The Piraten Room

Fritiof Nilsson Piraten (1895-1972), was a much-loved Swedish author whose roots were here in the south, in Skåne. He holds a very special place indeed in The Grand’s heart. He became something of a legend in Lund and gave his name to the Piraten Room.

This was originally a cinema – the Regina – and now serves as an auditorium, able to seat about 150 people. Lectures, debates and exhibitions all take place here, where there is all the necessary modern technology. Don’t miss the adjacent Piraten Foyer, with room for smaller exhibitions, and the ideal place for mingling and for coffee breaks.


Theatre: 136 fixed seats + 10 extra chairs

Floor area: 158 m2 

Equipment: 3X5 m screen, biocentric lights from BrainLit, sound system from Bose, cordless microphones, whiteboard and flipchart. In addition there are two cameras from Axis installed enabling recording of sessions and/or live streaming.


The Wine Room

The Wine Room is the Dining Room’s chambre separée, for parties wishing to sit privately yet still be in the center of the surrounding activites. The glass wine cabinets surround the room and, if complete privacy is required, the curtains can be drawn. The room can be equipped for meetings as it holds a ceiling projector. It is perfect for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting. The maximum number of guests here is 25.


The Ballroom

The Ballroom is well suited for lectures and seminars, with room for an audience of 200 and an additional 40 places in the gallery. If your event involves mingling, there is space for 300 people or, for an elegant Nobel setting, 246. In addition to the usual conference equipment, there is access to an acoustic loop. If more space is required for an event, the Ballroom can easily be combined with adjoining rooms for exhibitions.

Theatre sitting: 200 seats + 40 in the gallery

Classroom sitting: 70 seats + 40 in the gallery

U-tabled: 50 seats

Islands: 150 people

Nobel: 246 seats

Mingle: 300 people

Floor area: 204 m2

Equipment: Whiteboard and projector