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Grill pack

Grill pack

Thurdays to Saturdays during the whole month of June

Grand Deli’s grill pack contains a complete two course meal whereby the protein is ready to be grilled for the ultimate summer feeling. Pick it up on the way home and enjoy a wonderful dining experience. The pack is prepared up to 90% and all you have to do prior to serving is to add the final touches according to the instructions given.

Green gazpacho, sherry vinegar, lightly salted scallops, crisp farmer's bread, mint from Värpinge

Veal inner thigh from Scania's farms, (prepared sous vide, ready for the grill), prime beets, cream of Scanian priest cheese, pistachios, charred lemon, thyme gravy

Price: SEK 738 (packed for 2 persons). Order here.

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