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Grand's mise en place

This pack of groceries are suitable for those who love to cook! From searing protein to stirring together the creamiest risotto. Our mise en place are prepared by professional chefs from Grand's kitchen to ease your culinary journey. Available Thursdays to Saturdays from September to October.

Beef Rydberg; diced beef from Blentarp, beer-boiled onions, mustard cream, egg yolk, crispy Astrix potatoes


Remove the protein from the package, pat dry and allow to reach room temperature.

Whip upp the mustard cream until it reaches a whipped cream consistency and place it in a bowl.

Warm up the onion in a pan.

Fry the potatoes in butter or oil until crispy. Season to taste.

Place them on a serving dish. Heat up the pan and flash fry the protein. Season to taste.

Place the meat and onion beside the potatoes. Break the egg and separate the yolk. Top everything with the yolk and salted cucumber. Serve with the whipped mustard cream and enjoy!

Price SEK 370 for two persons. 

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